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Our packages are designed to provide essential support for the small business journey. With tax planning and budgeting you can maximize tax savings, gain financial clarity, make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and enjoy peace of mind as you focus on growing your business. Explore our services today and take the first step towards financial empowerment and success.


Frequently Asked Questions


Our Tax Planning Pack and Budget Forecast Packs are for business owners who are looking to improve, plan and succeed this financial year. The year is not over yet and there is still room to improve and increase your profits, benefits and strategy.

If you do not know what to expect from your year end or are looking to find strategies to turn this year around, this is for you.

WHAT DOES Tax planning package include?

  • Full documentation package.
  • Management letter with strategies to minimise tax burden.
  • Original tax projection calculations for your group so you know what you will pay without tax strategies implemented.
  • Tax strategies calculation for your group showing the dollar impact of your selected strategies.
  • Tax Planning Schedule with recommended strategies to show the potential tax outcome for your group after implementing the advised tax strategies.
  • Group Tax Repayment schedule showing you when you should expect to make tax payments in the next financial year. This is to assist in cashflow management of your taxes. No one likes a tax surprise!

Our Tax Planning package also includes a 1 to 2-hour face to face or zoom meeting. The purpose of the meeting will be to assist you to understand and grasp the advice we are providing and give you the direction you need to implement each strategy for maximum effect. This package is highly recommended if you have not engaged in tax planning before or if you prefer hands-on help to completely understand the data and reports produced.

what does BUDGET & CASHFLOW FORECAST package include?

  • A collaboration between yourself and our firm to establish the likely future income and expenses or your business.
  • Review of historic information, market data and economic outlook to realistically work out which direction your business is heading.
  • Risk and opportunity assessment to help you maximise your business profit potential in 2025.
  • A forward focused approach to managing your business finances.
  • Preparation of forecast documents.
  • Assistance with importing your budget into xero or your bookkeeping software so you can monitor your progress and results against your budget each month.



Our Tax Planning and Budget & Cashflow Forecast services are 100% tax deductible and will also help you reduce your tax burden this year!


An important part of the service we provide to our business clients is a review of the financial performance of your business and your projected tax situation before the end of the tax year.

This review allows us to assist with the following objectives:

  • Estimate the amount of income tax payable for this year and the amounts and timing of tax instalments for next year.
  • Determine the optimum mix of gross salary (and corresponding PAYG Withholdings) and superannuation contributions to be paid this year.
  • Consider income tax planning initiatives that may be undertaken to minimise income tax for the current year.

Tax planning is one of the most valuable exercises that you could engage your accountant to complete on your behalf.


Businesses need to forecast and budget so that the owners have a target and a frame of reference for business performance. The forecast is a tool that business managers can use to make decisions in the business without worrying about whether the business will have the cash or profits to afford it.

when do i pay for this service?

Once you complete the book in form you will hear from office with next steps. This will include an invoice with payment due within 7 days.