At Latitude Accountants, we offer a wide range of accounting services the Latitude Way.

Our services help businesses and individuals with their accounts, taxation and business advisory needs. We can provide advice on tax planning, structuring your business, and superannuation, as well as helping you with the day-to-day management of your accounts. We’re here to help you every step of the way, so that you can focus on running your business and achieving your goals.


Our Services


The Latitude Way means doing your accounts accurately and on time. When it comes to accounting, all business owners and managers want to make sure that their records are up to date and accurate. Latitude Accountants have been helping businesses keep up with accounting compliance for years, ensuring on-time lodgments and providing business owners with the right information to make decisions to keep the business moving forward.
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Making big decisions? Thinking about buying, selling or starting a business? Buying new assets? Taking out a loan? Advice the Latitude Way means you are not alone when it really counts. Speak to one of the business advisors in our team and take the guess work out. We will help you run the numbers to ensure your choices are backed with solid research and calculation.
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Structural Advice

Structuring the Latitude Way means doing things the smart way to keep more money in your pocket. Starting a new company or business? We have all the information and advice you need to set up the best vehicle for your business. We can help you ensure you have the right trust structures in place to maximize tax benefits and keep your assets safe.
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Tax the Latitude Way means you pay less tax whilst making more profits. Tax time can be quite daunting for business owners, that’s why at Latitude Accountants we work with you all year long to ensure that your tax obligations are met on time with no surprises. We have rethought the tax system to help businesses stay ahead of the game. Leave all the tax problems to the professionals so you can take care of what is important, your business.

At Latitude Accountants, we understand that taxation and tax returns can be a confusing and daunting process for businesses. We’re here to help you make the most of your tax return and save money on your taxes. Our knowledgeable and experienced team can help you navigate the complexities of the tax system, ensuring that you pay only what you owe and maximise your profits.

We offer a wide range of services to businesses of all sizes, from simple tax return preparation to complex business tax planning. We can help you reduce your tax liability, make more profit and work smarter.
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Retirement is fast approaching and with an ageing Australian population, more people will be required to fund their own retirement. Speak to us about self-managed superannuation funds and how they can help you ensure you will have a secure and happy retirement. At Latitude, our way is to ensure you have more retirement savings with less tax burdens.
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Tax Planning

Latitude Accountants is a tax planning firm that offers services in the areas of business and personal taxes. We have a proven track record for minimising your tax exposure to ensure you pay the least amount of tax possible. The Latitude Way ensures you pay the least amount of tax without headaches or problems.
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At Latitude Accountants you become more than a client, you become one of our heroes. We strive to exceed your expectations by being transparent and reliable. Hear from our heroes below.

“Their advice and care of my business is amazing. I love their strategic points of view and they help me feel as though I am making the right decisions.”

Marnie Jones - Founder of Talent X

“Highly recommend Latitude Accountants… I’ve had bad experiences with other accountants in the past and considering my tax returns are quite complex, Helen has helped correct the errors of past lodgments where possible. She has also guided me and explains best practices to adopt for better outcomes. I don't ever post any recommendations as I find great service hard to come by, but Helen is very knowledgeable, very open, easily accessible and will make time to ensure things are clarified and understood. Good Work Helen!”

Robert E

“I have been a client of Latitude Accountants for 15 years and they have been absolutely amazing in their work. Honest and professional! John and the team are great at what they do, they always bring great returns and the process is so easy that I actually look forward to tax time! ”

David A

“I have been with Latitude for over 8 years. They are great accountants and tax advisors. They have helped me grow my business and to ensure we are completely up to date with accounting and tax. I would recommend them to anyone who needed a good chartered accountant.”

Nicholas H

“John and Michael are the most helpful and patient accountants I’ve come across in my 15 years of business. They keep me in line with my frantic business life and always tend to my requests in such a timely and professional manner. They’ve helped steer and guide my business at my pace. Highly recommend the team at Latitude Accountants.”

Karla M


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